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to the
2024 North American Irish
Dance Championships

Grapevine, TX



Grapevine 2024

The IDTANA Southern Region is excited to invite you all to the 2024 NAIDC in Grapevine, Texas. The competition will take place from June 30th - July 4th with the Teacher’s Convention on June 29th. 

All competitions will take place at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. 

June 30th - July 4th, 2024


Owen Barrington, TCRG

Maddie Hane, ADCRG

Colleen King, TCRG

Áine Walsh Kelley, TCRG

Gaylord Texan Hotel Image.jpeg


Sunday | June 30th
  • Girls U15

  • Girls U 16

  • Boys U15

  • Boys U16

  • Trad Set U15

  • Trad Set U16

Monday | July 1st
  • Girls U17

  • Ladies U18

  • Boys U17

  • Men U18

  • Trad Set U17

  • Teams U16

 (Excluding Mixed 13&O Figure)

Tuesday | July 2nd
  • Girls U12

  • Girls U13

  • Girls U14

  • Boys U12 

  • Boys U13 

  • Boys U14

  • Trad Set U12

  • Trad Set U13

  • Trad Set U14

  • Teams U9

  • Teams U11

  • Adult Teams

  • Dance Drama

Wednesday | July 3rd
  • Adult Champs

  • Advanced Adult Champs

  • Girls U8

  • Girls U9

  • Girls U10

  • Girls U11

  • Boys U8

  • Boys U9

  • Boys U10

  • Boys U11

  • Trad Set U7

  • Trad Set U8

  • Trad Set U9

  • Trad Set U10

  • Trad Set U11

  • Trad Set Adult

  • Teams 16&O

  • Teams U19

  • Teams 19&O

 (Including Mixed 13&O Figure)

Thursday | July 4th
  • Ladies U19

  • Ladies U20

  • Ladies U22

  • Ladies 22&O

  • Men U19

  • Men U20

  • Men 20&O

  • Trad Set 17&O

  • Teams U13

Venue Layout & Gaylord App

The Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center is a pretty big place! To help you navigate the facility more easily, download the Gaylord app to get hotel specific information like restaurant locations, specific rooms, floors, and more. It's like Google Maps, but just for the venue!

Please note that the Gaylord Texan is a "cashless facility" (only credit and debit cards are accepted on the property).

Hotels & Wristbands

Accordion Keys_edited.jpg


We are honored to have the following adjudicators and musicians for the event:


Michael Smith - USA
Kathy Irvine-Dick - Canada
Ryan Carroll - Portugal
Noreen Houlihan Smith - USA

Barbara Goggin-Wade - Canada

Matthew Martin - USA
Colleen Farrell Martin - USA
Owen McAuley - UK
Carlene Stillson - USA

Kieran Rogers - UK
Conor Hayes - Australia
Judy DeNapoli - USA

Patricia Scanlon - UK

Patrick O'Hare - USA

Jennifer McGovern - USA

Leanne Nelson - UK
Carole Scanlon - UK
Daithi Fisher - USA
Megan Sanders Paulowicz - USA
Janey McGardle Ryan - Ulster, Ireland
Alison Reaney-Brown - Canada
Claire Maxwell - USA

Carol Pirsztuk - USA

Christopher Carswell - Australia

Sheila Crawford - USA
Orla Nic Conuladh - Irelan

Esther Bromley - RCCEA
Michael Ryan - Ireland
Donna Means King - USA

Meghan Comaskey - USA

Joanne Cunningham-Kingsbury - Canada

Debbie MacVoy - Canada
Moira McMahon - USA

Aaron Crosbie - UK

Kate O'Neill Wosczyna - USA


Sean O'Brien - Canada
Francis Ward - Ireland
Liam O'Sullivan - UK
Anthony Davis - UK
Chris McLoughlin - USA
Annmarie Acosta - USA

Cormac O’Se - USA
Stephen Carolan - Australia
Damian McKee - N. Ireland
Liam Bradley - N. Ireland
Tony Rutherford - USA
Linda Rutherford - USA

Merv Bell - Canada
Jessica Bell - Canada
Kevin Joyce - Ireland
Paul O'Donnell - Ireland

Proud Sponsor of the 2024 NAIDC & the "Show Your Wristband" Program

The Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau

Click the button below for more information about the program.

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